The aim of this website is to protect the legacy of Edward Saidi Tingatinga and the Tinga Tinga family. If you want to know more about the Tinga Tinga art, you may also visit www.TingaTingaStudio.com and www.TingaTinga.info

While recognized domestically, the Tinga Tinga family's voice was never heard abroad. It has been now 10 years, since they started the struggle for the recognition. However being members of one of smallest tribes in Africa, they lacked the neccessary contact network and resources to advance their agenda.

Tinga Tinga paintings are part of the Ndonde mural art tradition. The Ndonde people decorate their huts with various pictures of animals and figures until today. However the artistic style became famous when one of the members of the Ndonde tribe, Edward Saidi Tingatinga came to the city of Dar es Salaam in sixties of the last century. He didn't only continue to decorate house walls in Dar es Salaam as his family did in Ngapa village, but he also started to paint the pictures with enamel colours on the ceiling boards.

Tinga Tinga - Ndonde wall paintings from Ngapa

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