Copyright Warning

TANART and the Tinga Tinga painters are owners of the worldwide copyright of the Tinga Tinga paintings. Only TANART and/or the individual artists who has created the images are able to authorise copyright licences in any format for any purpose.

TANART and the Tinga Tinga painters have an open door policy and has to date never refused permission reasonably requested and has often granted permission at nominal fees where educational purposes and lack of funds are apparent.

For more information on the copyright or to enquire about the use of Tinga Tinga art works you should get in touch with the licensing agency TANART ( You can request license for the images through LICENSING REQUEST FORM.

issues license permits for Tinga Tinga Images

Fraudulent and misleading actions in relation to the use of art work of Tinga Tinga in copyright protection.
TANART has discovered certain parties have been acting fraudulently in relation to Tinga Tinga artists´copyright and in breach of copyright legislation worldwide. TANART has the right under International and National Laws to demand on behalf of the Tinga Tinga painters delivery up, destruction and damages on notice and destruction of any such items which contain reproductions in the hands of third parties and will do so. TANART is enforcing the individual artists' intelectual property rights through Maleta & Ndumbaro Advocates who demand delivery up, destruction and damages against all parties who have on display, or in the public domain any works by Tinga Tinga artists to which a licence has not been officially granted by the TANART. If you are reproducing or selling any article which contains reproductions of Tinga Tinga art works kindly ensure that you have an official licence from the Tinga Tinga artist.

Maleta NdumbaroIt should be noted by third parties that the display of works or reproduction or purchase of books or any material containing in any way works or details of Tinga Tinga art not lisenced by the TANART constitutes inter alia an act of copyright infringement, possible criminal conduct and leaves the third party open to legal action by Maleta & Ndumbaro Advocates. Consideration of persuit of legal action is always dependent on the nature of the infringement, the attempts by innocent third parties to have attempted to contact the TANART, bona fides, and the acts taken by them to rectify the infringement and make good the damage. As time passes it is clear the name and address of TANART and their websites are becoming more internationally known and the bona fides of innocent third parties becomes more difficult to establish.